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e-commerce trends for 2018


Four tendencies for e-commerce in 2018

Despite the fact the e-commerce is growing leaps and bounds, experts from IEBS indicate about four trends that will significantly propel this selling method.

Responsive Design Web

More and more users access to e-commerce sites via their mobile phones. Thus, companies develops their online stores thinking on those devices. Therefore the e-stores will offer web usability through Responsive Design Web. That way, users can surf those web sites using any device, from desktop computers to smartphones. Additionally, they can offer a tailored experience to the client. The site that doesn’t suit, will be rejected by the users.

Pay with your face

Another payment system appears to sum to the existing list, like Apple and Samsung Pay. We talk of Apple’s X Face ID, who will allow payments using only mobile’s owner face. Additionally, this year a similar Android system will arrive. Those systems will speed and simplify the overall process. But, on the other side, they raise new concerns about security and reliability regarding secure online payments.


Thanks to the increasing development of machine learning, IEBS experts thinks that the electronic commerce will take a more humane instance due to chatbots. Those programs will bring humanity to the online interactions. We can find examples of this in systems like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Information to action

As the e-commerce handles a huge amount of data, organizations should process that in order to get information to take better business decisions. For that, 2018 will be the year where the messages between enterprises and clients will be almost in an one-one basis.


As the technology evolves day by day, organizations should stay atop of the new trends and processes. Of course, they should study them accordingly, in order to check their feasibility for their own systems and applications. Failure to do so can bring unexpected consequences.

Source: http://digitaltransformation.ituser.es/noticias/2018/01/tendencias-de-ecommerce-para-2018


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