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Argentina: First sentence against Ethereum misappropriation

Ethereum misappropriation

A Ethereum misappropriation sentenced in Argentina’s courts

In what appears to be the leading case in the matter, the judicial branch of the Argentine province of Chaco issued the first conviction for misappropriation of cryptoactives, in the case 500 units of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which, at the time of the event, had a valuation of about four hundred thousand dollars.

In December of 2017, the convicted, through a SQL injection attack technique, managed to transfer to virtual wallets owned by himself almost half thousand Ethereums and trying to purchase more units in the affected site using stolen credit cards. Through the analysis of the information collected by both automated security systems and human intelligence, it was possible to identify both the modus operandi of the offender (use of several VPN networks to mask the origin of the scam) as well as its actual location; allowing his arrest.

In the ruling’s statements, the judge ruled out that the inmate manipulated the computer systems of a financial services company and altering them, therefore caused a damage of patrimonial content to other people. As the so-called “hacker” also had a suspended sentence from a prior lawsuit, he received an effective prison sentence of two years in the framework of an abbreviated trial as the perpetrator of “computer fraud” felony.


For the complete ruling (in Spanish): http://www.diariojudicial.com/public/documentos/000/081/578/000081578.pdf

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