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A Day in Data


Data in perspective

Do you know that by 2020, there will be 40x more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe? You probably wondering what’s the source of that somehow incredible amount of bytes. Here are some daily figures:

  • 500 million tweets sent
  • 294 billion emails sent
  • 4 petabytes created on Facebook
  • 4 terabytes created from each connected car
  • 65 billion messages sent on WhatsApp
  • 5 billion searches made

By 2025, an estimated of 463 exabytes will be created each day globally – that’s the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs per day! So let’s hope we can have some space to our pics & docs 😄😄😄


Courtesy of Visualcapitalist – https://www.visualcapitalist.com/how-much-data-is-generated-each-day/


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