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Huawei ban: What are the consecuences?

Huawei ban

US banned Huawei. Something to worry about?

Last Thursday, a new battlefront erupted in the trade war between the US and China. President Donald Trump included telecom giant Huawei on a so-called commercial “blacklist”. What does this mean? That American companies will not receive licenses to do business with Huawei, with some exceptions. Yesterday, Google announced that it will not provide more software and hardware services until sanctions are lifted. Chip makers companies like Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom followed suit.

What are the consequences for Huawei users? For those who already own a smartphone, they will continue to receive security updates and may continue to use Google applications such as Gmail or Maps. It’s not sure that they can receive updates to the operating system. For sure the new models will no longer receive the Android standard system with its application store. They can only add any portion of Google’s open source code or the Android OS that carry the phones sold in China, stripped of several of Google applications.

It must remain attentive

But security is the main problem for not receive updates. Apps and OS patches and improvements are not only to enhace them, but to fix holes and security defects. Then, users of Huawei products would be very exposed to computer attacks. While the company said it will provide the necessary updates to its users, it is still unclear what will be their level and if they will respond adequately to cyber threats.

We will have to be attentive about how events unfold in the next days or weeks. As we said at the beginning, this is part of a larger problem, the commercial differences between the planet’s two main economies. So, it is not surprising that there can be advances or setbacks regarding the technological situation of Huawei products.

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