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Informality- What is Its Cost?


“If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance”

Derek Bok, president of Harvard University


Informality is Expensive

I like to define things by what they are and not by what they are not. But with this article I will make an exception. Here you won’t read our typical technology posts. While it is related, it is more of a guide to many life situations. And deals with the informality.

I begin by asking you a question: Of the last 10 technology-related devices you acquired, on how many of them did you first read the instructions before you put them to work? From the answer I would lead to another question: Of those who did not read the directions, how many of them had any problem to put them into operation or later? The answers wouldn’t surprise me. Of course knowledge, “security” in ourselves, experience or simply the desire to do it already, we do things without the proper guidance given to us by the instructions or the advice of the professional.

And in this do-it-yourself equation the Internet appears. Do I need to activate or repair something? Google will give me the solution. The video on Youtube. And it goes beyond the technology. I can find model contracts or diagnoses for the health symptoms I’m feeling right now. Is it bad? Like everything in life, there are no absolutes. It’s not so bad to assemble the toilet drain. Yes when we have severe chest pain.

So what’s the solution? I understand that there is only one: Follow the rules, the pre-established steps. Listen to those who know. Accept the advice. Because when it’ s not practiced there is where the cost of informality appears. In the form of a double payment. Because when you do things wrong from the beginning, you pay double. The first time when you do it, and the second time when you do it properly.

To Think About It…

To conclude, I think that, as a Simpsons character used to say, “what a time to be alive”. And without any sarcasm. Never in its history did human beings have so much knowledge at their fingertips. But we shouldn’t think we have the superpower to do everything. To use it, yes, to accept it from those who know more, too.


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