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Organizational Communication: The Relevance of Channel

organizational communication

Why Channel is Important in Organizational Communication?

The communication within the diverse areas and the universe population of companies is one of its most important elements. The information flow is a key component when it comes to promote productivity. Why? Communication within the organization defines how its members will act in connection with it. A well established communication will generate trust, which will translate into a better organizational climate as well as better results.

But just as important as the message and to who is addressed, is the channel to be used. Some of them are listed below:

  • Written communications
  • Meetings
  • Email
  • Internal chat
  • Corporate social networks
  • Blog
  • Communication within management systems

Of course, the channel choice will depend of the type of message you want to transmit. If we want to communicate legal content to employees and have them give their consent, the company’s internal social network will not be the best choice. Now, if we are going to ask collaborators for ideas about the New Year’s Eve party, surely this will be the best channel. It will also depend on the specificity of the message. If we want to send data on new customers, the communication system within our CRM will be the best election. Therefore, it is very important to also assess what business process is involved in the message transmission.

Some Final Words

It is clear that good organizational communication provides trust, solid working relationships and a better commitment of its members to the company. Beyond the clarity that the message must carry, it is very important to choose the right medium. If there is a mistake, as a result there is a risk of generating individual and group conflicts.

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