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Do-It-Yourself: A Business Website At Your Fingertips

Business Website

Business Website: Is It for My Organization?

Although we are already in Web 3.0, the Value Web, it is no less true that the other stages are still alive and kicking. Regardless of the product or service it sells, a business website is a showcase for the organization. In addition to a sales channel, of course.

By the way, still, many businessmen and executives think that develop and maintain a website is expensive. They feel they should hire professional companies with high fees, in addition to the necessary additional expenses, such as site’s hosting as well as the domain acquisition and renewal.

While this may be true, today there is another alternative. Thanks to web development services based on templates, it is possible to design and activate a full business website following the pre-established steps. And without some programming knowledge. All in one place.

Next, we will give some clues and ideas on how to carry forward the process of building a professional website.

Some Previous Questions…

Before starting the design, it is important to ask yourself a few questions about what you want from your business website. Among others, we can mention the following:

  • What do I want to achieve with the website?
  • How do I want to reach my potential customers?
  • What value do I add to the product / service that I sell with the website?
  • How important will the site be as a sales channel?
  • What is the total budget I have? (note: think not only about the cost of development, but other elements such as SEO, performance analysis, integration with social networks and e-commerce systems among others).
  • Do I have the human and material resources to customize and maintain the site over time?

From the answers to above questions, you will take the decision to carry out (or not) the website development and installation project. If the answer is positive, then you will have to choose a website design service provider.

Where Can I Find a Do-It-Yourself Provider?

Here are some of the do-it-yourself service providers (*):

Wix: Based in Israel, this company specialises in provide web design tools for small businesses. Its design interface is very simple to operate. Just by entering a few details about our company, their “Artificial Design Intelligence” tool will do all the work. Only then is left to replace the generic content with photos and own words. After that, you have a fully functional site in a few minutes. There is also the option of choose between hundreds of templates to customize them as you like. Sites designed with Wix support integration with Google Analytics, Mailchimp and various other services. It’s also possible to design an online store through a special template. Regarding price, they range from a free plan (with external ads) to a premium plan ranging from $13-39 per month (paid annually).

WordPress.com: This hosting and development provider is often mistaken for its open source parent wordpress.org. While there are certain common characters, the difference lies in the hosting capacity as well as its management. As for its design features, it’s really simple. After you answer a few questions about the type of site desired (blog, online store or commercial site), connect the domain and choose the pricing plan, you can start designing the site. Regarding prices, although there is a free plan, commercial plans range from $25 per month to $45 for the same period.

Weebly: if your intention is to build specifically an e-commerce site, Weebly is the best choice. The site builder is simple and intuitive. It allows free and paid integrations with applications such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot and Gmail among others. Although it does not allow credit card payments, it’s possible to integrate payment intermediaries such as Paypal. While there is a free plan, if you want a real shopping website, you have to opt for professional plans, ranging from $16 to $79 per month.

Squarespace: is a provider of hosting and web design services oriented to creative activities. This all-in-one platform has excellent design tools, making it ideal for podcasters, designers, photographers and other artistic activities. It also has options for e-commerce design and development. This platform doesn’t have free plans, their subscriptions prices range from $16 to $46.

Final Thoughts

While these companies offer the ability to build a business website through a few steps, it is no less true that it must proceed with caution. To the questions already stated above, it is good to be attentive also to other issues. The option of migrate the site to another provider, the integration with existing systems, the analysis of hidden costs and the revision of the applicable terms and conditions are some of them. It’s always better to act with reassurance to avoid that we have to go to more expensive solutions when our site is operational.


(*) Note: qeldar does not receive any commission or any other type of fees from the companies mentioned in this article.

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