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Stool-as-a-Service: A New Consulting Service?


Is This a New Way of Consulting?

Do you know what a stool is? It’s a seat for one person, without a back or armrest. Most have three legs.

You may ask yourself: What does this have to do with a blog about business process and technology?

A lot.

Let’s imagine providing a service as if it were a stool. We’ll call it Stool-as-a-Service (StoaaS). This service (for the case, consulting) is based on three characteristics: It’s good, fast and cheap. These features are stool’s legs.

Fantastic!. Where do I call to get the service?


How so? There must be a company that provides it, since it is the perfect solution.

No, there is no company. Because the StoaaS doesn’t exist.


Because two-legged stools don’t exist. And if do, they don’t fulfill their function.

Let’s see.


If a service is good and fast, it’s not cheap.

If it’s good and cheap, isn’t fast.

And if it’s fast and cheap, isn’t good.


What’s the bottom line on all this?

As suppliers or consultants, we must stop promising stools as a service.  We must listen to the customer, their needs and expectations. And from there, offer them the best service we can. A firm chair.

Otherwise, we run the serious risk of the client falling over. 

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