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Artificial Intelligence: Advantages and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Organizations

We would not be saying anything new if we say that artificial intelligence is no longer a new feature in the tech arena. In fact, we mentioned it in one of our articles.  Now, how much do companies rely on AI? What economic results can deliver to the organization? What are the risks? In the next paragraphs we will try to answer these and other similar questions.

Areas of Application In the Organization

Currently, there are three areas where companies are focusing on the application of AI: process automation, customer service and cyber security. We will now look at the main features of each of them:

The application of artificial intelligence to business processes enables minimal human intervention. In additional to AI, there are other features of process automation such as natural language processing, robotics and predictive analysis. This intelligent automation leads to an improvement in the efficiency of the processes. How? By executing a greater number of tasks with fewer errors and in less time. The processes that benefit most from AI are those that handle more transactions, including financial, customer service and physical product delivery.

While in the field of customer service is the area where the most progress has been made with regard to AI (chatbots), it is no less true that new advances are emerging. They are the predictive capacity, priority in the tasks and the attention in multiple languages among others. Basically, these new features assign better attention priorities, avoiding the increasing frustration and anger of customers.

Finally, in the field of cybersecurity, AI helps security operators anticipate threats. How? By applying intelligence algorithms over millions of information sources (documents, blogs, news). In this way, they provide instant data that allows immediate action to take place on potential IT security incidents. AI also predicts and anticipates the maintenance requirements (patching, updates and upgrades) of company’s systems and applications. This way, system’s vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals are solved.

Some Final Thoughts…

In light of above paragraphs, it is clear that artificial intelligence brings and will bring broad benefits to organizations. For example, in the case of process automation, it has proved that a cost reduction of up to 75% is possible compared to the same tasks executed by a human being. But on the other hand, it is important to first identify which processes are most suitable for automation. Why? Because there is a risk of wasting time and resources in activities that will not return the investment applied. Therefore, an interdisciplinary work is fundamental to obtain the best results.



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