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Digital Evolution : The Cart Don’t Pull the Horse

Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution, a Must?

We believe that there is no doubt that today’s digital evolution is an imperative for modern business. In an ever changing and competitive environment, being at the avant garde allows you not only to stay in time but to thrive. But…

Yes, but. The term was devalued. It went from a state of maintenance to a demand to add technology, whatever and however it may be. We sold a world of marvels and many times we got one of pure bad dreams. Why does this happen? We will now look to find out.

Poorly Practices…

First of all, too many companies make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse. What is this? They bring in technology without knowing what they want to solve or improve. Why do they do it? Basically for fear of being sidelined by some kind of disruptive innovation. So, they buy technology that they probably don’t need from vendors who are eager to make sales.

The second question has to do with the resources they need. Due to the rush we mentioned in the previous paragraph, companies jump into incorporate systems or applications without viewing the long term. Then, at one point in the project’s development, they run out of resources. When we talk about resources, it is not only the economic ones. The shortage of personnel with the necessary skills and the lack of support from executives or middle management are also stoppers in the correct incorporation of technology.

Finally, many companies think of digital evolution as an end in itself, rather than a means to achieve business goals. They assign an almost magical value to it, thinking that just by installing it will position the business in a privileged place. In a world where entrepreneurialism is the tendency to follow, “looking” entrepreneurial showing the most modern technology became a kind of obligation.

Some Ideas

How do you solve this? Well, as we always say, there is no one remedy that applies to every situation. But we can think of some ways to make the digital evolution a real benefit for the company.

It’s critical to know where the company wants to go. Analyze its mission and values. Study the business processes, to see if there is a need for new technology (or if the existing one can be improved). If so, plan the project carefully before the implementation, including resources.

Then, if it is decided to incorporate technology, it must fit like a glove in the evaluated processes. What for? So that it drives the company as a whole forward, allowing it to overcome obstacles. Let’s take an example. The current Coronavirus crisis threatens the world economy. Entire cities are under quarantine. That prevents many employees from going to work. Thus, a company that depends a lot on its human resources must think of systems and applications that allow remote work, with the least possible interruptions. And that help deliver the product or service on time.

In conclusion, the digital transformation is necessary for organizations. But without leaving aside the good practices in terms of organizational analysis. If this is done, the horse will pull the cart.

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