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Coronavirus : Can Technology Help Our Organizations?


Technology Can Be An Ally Against Coronavirus

Coronavirus. A name that up to a two-months ago meant nothing. Today we can say with certainty that it caused the world to change. Thousands of infected and dead in different countries, collapsed capital markets, cancelled events and the real chance of a global recession, are just some of the nefarious effects of this virus.

Although it seems that the reactions are somewhat exaggerated (the plain flu virus has a much higher mortality rate), it is no less true that today the economy struggles. Some industries more than others. For example, travel sector. Airlines cancel flights, organizators suspend sports competitions, tourism companies adjust jobs and see their income fall.

Dark scenario for the industry, right? Well, this is where technology comes in to help. For example, using analytics over Big Data to offer tourist destinations where the epidemic is less likely to develop. Integrate systems through APIs with major tour operators to be able to offer travel at the best price for the upcoming months. Communicate all these initiatives efficiently to current and potential customers through an effective management of our CRM. In other fields it can also help. Let’s think of some presentation or meeting where many people gather. Using applications for virtual presentations is the best remedy to avoid costly suspensions.

Nothing is forever. The Coronavirus will pass. That is why it is important to work now and be prepared.

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