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Outdated Technology: Cheap Comes At A Price

Outdated Technology

Outdated Technology – Better to Keep It Than to Change It?

In the business world, its leaders or managers always execute a delicate balance. Whether it’s to take on labor or capital goods. Between expands the workspace or increases the advertising budget. These and many more. All aimed at conserve resources and keep costs down. But there is one luxury the company cannot afford. And that is to have outdated technology.

Next, we will analyze the downside of obsolete technology, as well as what are the benefits of being up to date with software, hardware, and applications.

Cons & Pros

These are some of the disadvantages of outdated technology:


Vulnerability to cyber attacks: older software and hardware are always at greater risk, as vendors discontinue developing critical security updates. According to one research, two-thirds of the respondents believe that keeping technology up-to-date improves the company’s security position.

Loss of productivity: As time goes by, devices run slower and fail more; therefore they need more maintenance. This results in more frequent downtime (scheduled or unscheduled). In addition, obsolete hardware is often unable to run new software. Therefore, all of the above causes a loss of productivity.

Integration cost: integrating old systems is usually very expensive. The reason? The development of specific integration codes as well as the possibility that one’s own data has to be moved manually.


As for the advantages of having up-to-date technology, we can list the following:


Increased productivity and efficiency: This is due to improved user interfaces and information flows within the new systems. Regarding the hardware, it allows executing new software without problems at higher processing speeds.

Business process improvement: the new software will be able to support new business processes as well as the improvement of existing ones.

Increased security: This is the mirror of the disadvantage we mentioned above. The technology is updated to the latest security versions, both for software and hardware.


As we always say, we need to evaluate the particular case before making any decision on technology. All the enterprise’s software and hardware, as well as all related business processes, must be assessed. From there, it will evaluate and recommend what updates are needed and what positive impact they will have on the business the replacement of outdated technology.

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