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Cloud Best Practices To Protect Data

Cloud Best Practices

Cloud and Our Data

Today, data is the organization’s lifeblood. A sap that, properly processed, delivers valuable information for the operation of the company. Therefore, it’s more than important to protect it. As the trend is towards the cloud, in the company we must adopt best practices to safeguard this valuable business asset.

In a study, the consulting firm Gartner estimates that by 2022, the cloud will host 75% of the databases existing at that moment. This will certainly mark a change with regard to the traditional model, where the enterprise database is located on company premises and few people have the authorization to access it. This change paves the way for mistakes that can be costly, for example, bad configurations that allow unauthorized access to the database. Most security breaches occur because the database is left open without any protection.

Below we will mention the best practices in terms of data protection in the cloud.

Cloud Best Practices

  • Identify data to be classified as sensitive/non-sensitive.
  • Encrypt the data while it is in the company’s exclusive control environment (behind the corporate firewall) and always before it will uploaded to the cloud.
  • Assign a key to specific data/columns in the database, i.e., decrypt only the necessary data, leaving the rest encrypted. In the event of a cyberattack, the encrypted data will be useless.
  • Create security policies, which allow you to assign protection according to the level of security required.
  • Develop authentication policies, so that only those authorized to access the different types of data can do it.
  • Formulate (and strongly enforce) a backup policy.
  • Implement a permanent audit system, in order to analyze the activity developed over the data; and if there was an authorization over that activity.

Some Final Words…

These best practices should not be reserved for large companies. Everyone who handles data, whether an individual entrepreneur or a small organization, should follow these guidelines in order to protect one of the most desired assets of today’s criminal organizations. Made simply, they will be the best prevention against any problem that may arise.


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