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SMBs : Three Steps You Can Take Immediately

SMBs and Coronavirus: How to Cope With The Crisis? We are not adding anything new by saying we are in a global crisis. And as a kind of threat, we can react to it in two directions. Fight or flight. In this case, it doesn’t look like we can escape it. So, in what way…
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Home working

Home Working: It Is Finally Time?

Home Working: What Is? In our last post we commented on the consequences of the Coronavirus in our daily lives. And those changes are here to stay, at least in the short term. That’s why we have to adapt, both personally and professionally. On the latter, many employers already encourage or require their staff to…
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Coronavirus : Can Technology Help Our Organizations?

Technology Can Be An Ally Against Coronavirus Coronavirus. A name that up to a two-months ago meant nothing. Today we can say with certainty that it caused the world to change. Thousands of infected and dead in different countries, collapsed capital markets, cancelled events and the real chance of a global recession, are just some…
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Digital Evolution

Digital Evolution : The Cart Don’t Pull the Horse

Digital Evolution, a Must? We believe that there is no doubt that today’s digital evolution is an imperative for modern business. In an ever changing and competitive environment, being at the avant garde allows you not only to stay in time but to thrive. But… Yes, but. The term was devalued. It went from a…
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Advantages and Challenges

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Organizations We would not be saying anything new if we say that artificial intelligence is no longer a new feature in the tech arena. In fact, we mentioned it in one of our articles.  Now, how much do companies rely on AI? What economic results can deliver to the organization? What…
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Technology Tourism

Tourism And Technology: Present and Future

Tourism And Technology: What Do We Talk About? Let’s say you’re at home, sitting on the living room couch, watching your favorite show. Suddenly, the image of a city, a landscape or a show pops up on the screen. So you decide that you want to travel there. You take your mobile phone (or open…
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Stool-as-a-Service: A New Consulting Service?

Is This a New Way of Consulting? Do you know what a stool is? It’s a seat for one person, without a back or armrest. Most have three legs. You may ask yourself: What does this have to do with a blog about business process and technology? A lot. Let’s imagine providing a service as…
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Process Automation

Process Automation and Customers: Time to Cool Down?

Process Automation for Customer Relationships: How to Get There? No matter the location. It can be any place in the world. A customer calls a company, usually from the financial segment (banks, credit cards), for consultation or support. He is asked for some kind of identification.  And from there, the ordeal. Layers and layers of…
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Decade In Technology

2010s: A Decade In Technology

A Decade In Technology People usually summarize when they finish a stage or cycle. So it’s not surprising that this year, at a decade’s end, we are doing so. And technology isn’t out of the picture. Technological advances were constant in this decade. Some impacted our lives more than others, which went unnoticed. But certainly,…
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Legal Tech

Legal Tech: The Practice of Law to Come

Legal Tech: What Is and What Is It For? Those of us who pass through the legal profession know that it is inherently conservative. We find several reasons for this, but we believe that it is basically due to risk aversion. Liability to the client makes the lawyer think more of the negative consequences than…
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