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Stool-as-a-Service: A New Consulting Service?

Is This a New Way of Consulting? Do you know what a stool is? It’s a seat for one person, without a back or armrest. Most have three legs. You may ask yourself: What does this have to do with a blog about business process and technology? A lot. Let’s imagine providing a service as…
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Process Automation

Process Automation and Customers: Time to Cool Down?

Process Automation for Customer Relationships: How to Get There? No matter the location. It can be any place in the world. A customer calls a company, usually from the financial segment (banks, credit cards), for consultation or support. He is asked for some kind of identification.  And from there, the ordeal. Layers and layers of…
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Decade In Technology

2010s: A Decade In Technology

A Decade In Technology People usually summarize when they finish a stage or cycle. So it’s not surprising that this year, at a decade’s end, we are doing so. And technology isn’t out of the picture. Technological advances were constant in this decade. Some impacted our lives more than others, which went unnoticed. But certainly,…
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Legal Tech

Legal Tech: The Practice of Law to Come

Legal Tech: What Is and What Is It For? Those of us who pass through the legal profession know that it is inherently conservative. We find several reasons for this, but we believe that it is basically due to risk aversion. Liability to the client makes the lawyer think more of the negative consequences than…
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Business Website

Do-It-Yourself: A Business Website At Your Fingertips

Business Website: Is It for My Organization? Although we are already in Web 3.0, the Value Web, it is no less true that the other stages are still alive and kicking. Regardless of the product or service it sells, a business website is a showcase for the organization. In addition to a sales channel, of…
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SaaS On-Premise

SaaS or On-Premise: What’s the Best Deployment Model?

SaaS & On-Premise Since the emergence and expansion of cloud services, a question has arisen in organizations: Which is the best model of software installation, SaaS or On-Premise? Although it is not easy to give a categorical answer, we will try from these lines to put clarity on an issue in which increasingly more organizations…
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organizational communication

Organizational Communication: The Relevance of Channel

Why Channel is Important in Organizational Communication? The communication within the diverse areas and the universe population of companies is one of its most important elements. The information flow is a key component when it comes to promote productivity. Why? Communication within the organization defines how its members will act in connection with it. A…
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Informality- What is Its Cost?

“If you think that education is expensive, try ignorance” Derek Bok, president of Harvard University   Informality is Expensive I like to define things by what they are and not by what they are not. But with this article I will make an exception. Here you won’t read our typical technology posts. While it is…
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Protect Malware Ransomware

How To Protect Your Company From Malware And Ransomware

Business losses from cyber attacks are estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Thus it’s important to protect them against malware and ransomware     More info? Contact us here

Digital Trends

Digital Trends for 2020

What Are the Digital Trends for 2020? It is not new today that companies embraced technology. And we are not talking about the “classics” such as office applications. What was once a trend, such as the cloud or chatbots, are now common in the organizational environment. But progress doesn’t stop. Therefore, and according to the…
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