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Libra cryptocurrency

Libra cryptocurrency: Bad News?

Retreating… According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, some of the financial participants (such as Visa and Mastercard) in the Libra cryptocurrency consortium would be reconsidering their participation in it. The cause would be the focus that regulatory authorities in the U.S. and Europe are putting on the project led by Facebook.…
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Libra: what does it mean for the end user and business?

What is Libra? Libra. Zodiac sign. Surely we all know that. But for some time, we are also reading (and listening) about another Libra. This one is the cryptocurrency proposed by Facebook. That’s the simplified matter’s view. But what Libra is – or will be – and why it’s causing so much fuss? What would…
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Huawei ban

Huawei ban: What are the consecuences?

US banned Huawei. Something to worry about? Last Thursday, a new battlefront erupted in the trade war between the US and China. President Donald Trump included telecom giant Huawei on a so-called commercial “blacklist”. What does this mean? That American companies will not receive licenses to do business with Huawei, with some exceptions. Yesterday, Google…
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supply chain

ASUS supply chain attack: lessons to learn

A complex supply chain attack In what we can call a complex cyber-espionage operation, hackers infected tens of thousands of computers of Taiwanese brand ASUS, through a supply chain attack. The security researchers at Kapersky Lab reported that they detected at least 57,000 infections among customers of their anti-virus application. About half of those clients…
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knowledge industry

Argentina : government proposed a ‘knowledge industry’ law

What is the knowledge industry bill? In an action that seeks to promote the so-called “knowledge industry”, the Argentine government will send a bill to Congress for its parliamentary treatment. The sectors involved are software, geology, nanotechnology, industry 4.0, audiovisual production, biotechnology, and R&D in areas such as engineering and agriculture. The project’s goal is…
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Ethereum misappropriation

Argentina: First sentence against Ethereum misappropriation

A Ethereum misappropriation sentenced in Argentina’s courts In what appears to be the leading case in the matter, the judicial branch of the Argentine province of Chaco issued the first conviction for misappropriation of cryptoactives, in the case 500 units of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which, at the time of the event, had a valuation of…
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Israel Will Tax Bitcoin as an Asset

Israel Tax Authority (ITA) confirmed that will tax cryptocurrencies like bitcoin The ITA updated a previous circular, where stated that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are “assets”, thus are subject to capital gain tax. The first issue of ITA regarding cryptocurrencies was in January 2017. It was due to to repeated requests to know what’s the government…
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Facebook bans all cryptocurrencies ads, is it fair enough?

The social network tries to get rid of cryptocurrencies bad press With the aim of “improving integrity and security of financial product and services ads”, the giant social network Facebook bans all advertisement related to bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. The new rule states that the ads must not promote products / services that are associated…
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loans for IT

Argentina: Government provides loans for IT companies

Loans for IT SMB and corporations Last week, Argentina’s government launched an offer of loans for IT companies. This initiative aims to small and medium business, along with big corporations dedicated to software development and IT services. It’s a new product from the Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior (BICE); and its objective is to…
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Israel: Internet companies would be bound by Israeli jurisdiction

According to Attorney General opinion, foreign companies will be compelled to litigate in Israel courts In what could be a very leading case, Israel’s AG stated that foreign companies should respond to Israeli courts, despite what’s their terms & conditions state. This legal opinion came in relation with a class action against Internet giant Facebook.…
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