What are IT policies and procedures?

No matter the size of the organization, all of them should have IT policies and procedures in place. But what are policies and procedures? A policy is an orientation what involves guidelines to follow by all members of the organization. They are general indications about decision-making and problem handling. A procedure is a sequential list of activities / actions to perform a given task. As a result, establish them have several benefits:

  • Develop authority and leadership.
  • Give certainty to all organization’s universe.
  • Speed up the process to incorporate new employees or assign new roles.
  • Assure a full compliance with laws, bylaws and regulations.

Therefore, in qeldar we follow a tailored approach to develop, implement and monitor IT policies and procedures for our clients. We review and analyze all the related processes, in order to get them covered by the policies and procedures. Consequently nothing left to chance.

Want to have IT policies and procedures in place in your organization?

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