IT Procurement – a growing trend

Hundreds, if not thousands of technological companies and organizations – like startups – produce technology
products and services – IT assets. Those aforementioned companies not only produces IT assets but also purchase them. Worldwide IT spending it’s close to four trillion US dollars. Therefore it’s paramount to make that spending in a smart way, assigning efficiently the organization financial and human resources in order to get the best results. We talk about IT Procurement.

IT Procurement is not only savings

In the purchasing activity, there is not only money involved. There is also time. A valuable time that the companies can reallocate to its own productive processes. In qeldar, we committed to deliver that time for you, providing advice
over the procurement process of IT products and services. We go through the evaluation of your initial needs until the monitoring of post contract activities, like support and maintenance services. That way, we do not only find out for
you the most beneficial solution from the economic point of view, but the best for the overall business dynamics,
since we analyze all the solution’s facet (business, technical, financial) in order to fit your needs.

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