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Tag: Compliance

SaaS On-Premise

SaaS or On-Premise: What’s the Best Deployment Model?

SaaS & On-Premise Since the emergence and expansion of cloud services, a question has arisen in organizations: Which is the best model of software installation, SaaS or On-Premise? Although it is not easy to give a categorical answer, we will try from these lines to put clarity on an issue in which increasingly more organizations…
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Shadow IT

Shadow IT: Yes or No?

What is Shadow IT? There is no doubt that we live in a technological era. To a greater or lesser extent we all make use of technology, on a personal and work level. A limit that many times is not clear. Hence, more and more the organizations’ employees use systems and devices that are not…
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The GDPR is coming, should I worry about it?

What is the GDPR? As you probably know (or heard), a new European Union regulation regarding data protection will be in place in 2018. Actually, not in 2018. This General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is currently in place and active since April 2016. The EU gave a two year grace period before start to enforce…
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Cloud of computers

Be cloud compliant: can be more simple than you think

Three steps that will help you to be cloud compliant and stay in the right side of the street It’s no news to any of us that cloud computing it’s no longer a novelty. Every day, more and more organizations – and even individuals – shift to this computing model. It helps to bring more…
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