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Cybersecurity Incidents: The Enemy Within

Cybersecurity In The Organization: Not Everything Is As It Seems When you hear or read the words “cybersecurity incident”, you immediately think of sophisticated hackers breaching computer defenses. Like a Hollywood movie, we envision cyber criminals copying sensitive information and then selling or sending it to a corrupt competitor or a dictator in some distant…
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SaaS On-Premise

SaaS or On-Premise: What’s the Best Deployment Model?

SaaS & On-Premise Since the emergence and expansion of cloud services, a question has arisen in organizations: Which is the best model of software installation, SaaS or On-Premise? Although it is not easy to give a categorical answer, we will try from these lines to put clarity on an issue in which increasingly more organizations…
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A Day in Data

Data in perspective Do you know that by 2020, there will be 40x more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe? You probably wondering what’s the source of that somehow incredible amount of bytes. Here are some daily figures: 500 million tweets sent 294 billion emails sent 4 petabytes created on…
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Personal data ecosystem

Personal Data Ecosystem: a Multi-billion Dollar Industry

Welcome to the personal data ecosystem. The massive volume of content and meta data we produce fuels a marketing research industry that is worth nearly $50 billion. Every instant message, page click, and step you take now produces a data point that can be used to build a detailed profile of who you are. Every…
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