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Business meetings

Business Meetings : Key Tips to Take the Most of Them

Why business meetings are time thieves? Nowadays the most expensive asset that people and organizations have is time. It’s a scarce resource, since it can not be generated or recovered. Therefore, we must take care of it. At business level, meetings are the most demanding activities. Normally, an employee can spend more than half of…
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empresas argentinas

Israel : Programa de Internacionalización para Empresas Argentinas

El Forum de Innovación de la Cámara de Comercio Israel – AmLat, en colaboración con la Embajada Argentina en Israel y la Embajada de Israel en Argentina, lanzan la primera edición del Programa de internacionalización para empresas argentinas. A través del MEETHUB.NET las empresas argentinas en fase growth o de crecimiento, podrán encontrar soluciones específicas y adecuadas a…
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How Startups Can Improve Their Odds of Becoming a Unicorn

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world unicorns

The World’s 200+ Unicorns, in One Giant Map

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habits highly successful people

The Habits of Highly Successful People

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