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SMBs : Three Steps You Can Take Immediately

SMBs and Coronavirus: How to Cope With The Crisis? We are not adding anything new by saying we are in a global crisis. And as a kind of threat, we can react to it in two directions. Fight or flight. In this case, it doesn’t look like we can escape it. So, in what way…
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SaaS On-Premise

SaaS or On-Premise: What’s the Best Deployment Model?

SaaS & On-Premise Since the emergence and expansion of cloud services, a question has arisen in organizations: Which is the best model of software installation, SaaS or On-Premise? Although it is not easy to give a categorical answer, we will try from these lines to put clarity on an issue in which increasingly more organizations…
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organizational communication

Organizational Communication: The Relevance of Channel

Why Channel is Important in Organizational Communication? The communication within the diverse areas and the universe population of companies is one of its most important elements. The information flow is a key component when it comes to promote productivity. Why? Communication within the organization defines how its members will act in connection with it. A…
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A Day in Data

Data in perspective Do you know that by 2020, there will be 40x more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe? You probably wondering what’s the source of that somehow incredible amount of bytes. Here are some daily figures: 500 million tweets sent 294 billion emails sent 4 petabytes created on…
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empresas argentinas

Israel : Programa de Internacionalización para Empresas Argentinas

El Forum de Innovación de la Cámara de Comercio Israel – AmLat, en colaboración con la Embajada Argentina en Israel y la Embajada de Israel en Argentina, lanzan la primera edición del Programa de internacionalización para empresas argentinas. A través del MEETHUB.NET las empresas argentinas en fase growth o de crecimiento, podrán encontrar soluciones específicas y adecuadas a…
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software overspend

Software overspend: Some clues to stop it

The importance to know: How to detect software overspend Information is power. Not only the external to the organization. To know what the company is, where will go and what’s have is paramount. For what? To better assign their resources. Consequently, it’s important to have policies and processes in place to achieve it. One of…
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