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Decade In Technology

2010s: A Decade In Technology

A Decade In Technology People usually summarize when they finish a stage or cycle. So it’s not surprising that this year, at a decade’s end, we are doing so. And technology isn’t out of the picture. Technological advances were constant in this decade. Some impacted our lives more than others, which went unnoticed. But certainly,…
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Legal Tech

Legal Tech: The Practice of Law to Come

Legal Tech: What Is and What Is It For? Those of us who pass through the legal profession know that it is inherently conservative. We find several reasons for this, but we believe that it is basically due to risk aversion. Liability to the client makes the lawyer think more of the negative consequences than…
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Business Website

Do-It-Yourself: A Business Website At Your Fingertips

Business Website: Is It for My Organization? Although we are already in Web 3.0, the Value Web, it is no less true that the other stages are still alive and kicking. Regardless of the product or service it sells, a business website is a showcase for the organization. In addition to a sales channel, of…
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Shadow IT

Shadow IT: Yes or No?

What is Shadow IT? There is no doubt that we live in a technological era. To a greater or lesser extent we all make use of technology, on a personal and work level. A limit that many times is not clear. Hence, more and more the organizations’ employees use systems and devices that are not…
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Libra: what does it mean for the end user and business?

What is Libra? Libra. Zodiac sign. Surely we all know that. But for some time, we are also reading (and listening) about another Libra. This one is the cryptocurrency proposed by Facebook. That’s the simplified matter’s view. But what Libra is – or will be – and why it’s causing so much fuss? What would…
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Future blockchain

How the Blockchain is Powering Our Future

The future is bright, and it’s driven by the blockchain. Blockchain technology is already turning the financial industry upside down through its disruptive applications, but finance is only the tip of the iceberg. The blockchain’s true scope is in its ability to change the way you do things every day – like voting, travelling, or…
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crypto theft

How to protect you from crypto theft

Crypto theft comes in many different forms, and at least $225 million of cryptocurrency has been stolen as of mid-2017. Crypto theft can be prevented by taking appropriate precautionary measures (encrypted backups anti-virus software for crypto, and opting for multi-factor authentication among others). Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist For more information on crypto you can contact…
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e-commerce trends for 2018

Four tendencies for e-commerce in 2018 Despite the fact the e-commerce is growing leaps and bounds, experts from IEBS indicate about four trends that will significantly propel this selling method. Responsive Design Web More and more users access to e-commerce sites via their mobile phones. Thus, companies develops their online stores thinking on those devices.…
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world unicorns

The World’s 200+ Unicorns, in One Giant Map

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist