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IT Contracts

IT Contracts: What You Need To Know

IT Contracts: What Do We Talk About? In the business world, we move through contracts. Of all sorts. From the unwritten to the formal. Employment, purchase, and rental contracts are just some of them. But there is one that in these times of Covid-19 is particularly relevant. It’s the Information Technology contract (IT contracts). What…
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supply chain

ASUS supply chain attack: lessons to learn

A complex supply chain attack In what we can call a complex cyber-espionage operation, hackers infected tens of thousands of computers of Taiwanese brand ASUS, through a supply chain attack. The security researchers at Kapersky Lab reported that they detected at least 57,000 infections among customers of their anti-virus application. About half of those clients…
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loans for IT

Argentina: Government provides loans for IT companies

Loans for IT SMB and corporations Last week, Argentina’s government launched an offer of loans for IT companies. This initiative aims to small and medium business, along with big corporations dedicated to software development and IT services. It’s a new product from the Banco de Inversion y Comercio Exterior (BICE); and its objective is to…
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