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Technology projects

What are technology projects?

We all talk about projects today. Specifically, most organizations focus on technology projects. But, what are them? Basically, a good technology project involves these steps:

  • Requires the purchase / development of a new technological asset – software and / or hardware.
  • All the related users must learn about its features and characteristics.
  • Have defined start and completion dates (that’s differentiate a project from a process).
  • Involves the participation of several stakeholders across the organization.
  • Requires additional funding.

We must think that there is no such thing as a small tech project. No matter if you will purchase a new PC or completely overhaul your ERP system; you should always apply all the aforementioned steps. Probably, if any of them is left, there is a huge chance that the project will fail. Also if the project lacks these ones too.

As a result, in qeldar we follow a systematic approach to technology projects. We include all the people & units interested from the very beginning. Consequently there is no lack of support to the project, also reducing the problems at its implementation.

Are you thinking of a tech project? We would love to hear you!

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